Cloth 1.6

Save, organize and share your favorite outfits

Cloth is the simple way to save, organize, and share your favorite outfits. Adding outfits takes just seconds.

Now, with Cloth's new Weather in-app upgrade, we've teamed up with to use real-time weather data to give you one-touch access to the best outfits from your wardrobe for the current conditions. The in-app upgrade also gives you built-in photo editing and filters.

Key Features of Cloth: - Shoot and save your favorite outfits, then add some notes and tags (but only if you want to!) - NEW: With the Cloth Weather in-app upgrade, you can automatically tag your outfits by the current conditions (such as "Freezing" or "Rain"). - NEW: The Cloth Weather in-app upgrade also makes it easy to see the best outfits for the current conditions. - NEW: The in-app upgrade also gives you built-in photo editing and filters, making it easy to put your best foot forward. - NEW: You can now search your outfits by tags. - One-touch social-network sharing makes it easy for your friends to see what you’re wearing on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. - It’s a game! Collect points and badges for saving and sharing outfits. - Submit your outfits to, directly from the app. We’ll post the best picks to the blog and our Facebook page.

How To Use: Couldn’t be easier! Just tap “Snap” to shoot your first photo, then add some notes or tags, or maybe push your outfit to your social networks or submit it to Looking to pull up a past outfit? Either scroll down in your “Feed” screen, or select the proper category from your “Wardrobe.” Looking to track your points and badges? Tap “Status”

To Upgrade For Cloth Weather and our built-in photo editing & filters: ? Download the latest version of Cloth. Then tap "Weather" at the top of your "Wardrobe" screen. You can also upgrade in the "Settings" screen.

HOW TO DELETE TAGS: A lot of users have been asking us how to do this. It's easy! Just swipe a tag in the "Tag" view and it's gone. That simple!